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  1. George Knaak
    February 7, 2016 @ 1:43 pm

    What a Great & Awesome INTERVIEW. Gave Me a glimpse into a Great Writer’s Mind (make that 2 GREAT WRITERS”) & the ups & downs of the need to write it down. After having a frontal Lobotomy My Honey of a NOW Wife ENCORAGED me to write songs to keep My remainder of brain active. For some reason I couldn’t come up with melodies so I just called them poems & began to write ONE A DAY for a year & posted them on My FACEBOOK TIMELINE . (Call the TPOTD for: Poem of the day). ALSO continued WROTING HER NAME on the paper sack she took to work each day. After 8 months I asked her to marry Me SHE said “YES” & We began living the married like instead of “In Sin”. I had DOUBLE VISION for 6 months after the brain surgery & have always been a reader. (My MOM taught Me how before I started first grade. She was a pubic School Teacher!) The first 2 books I read I had to hold a hand over one eye. Then I figured out how to concentrate on one of the lines of text while ignoring the double one & after a while my mind put 2 & 2 back together into one. I love the novels Lisa writes & will eventually find & read ’em All. I still put my wife’s name on Her Lunch Bag & started drawing cartoon characters along with it. I started running out of them so I created my own which I call NAK SAK. I WAS SO THRILLED WHEN LISA SENT A COMMENT about them on HER PAGE. LIFE IS TRULY An adventure. Surreal & suspenseful at times & full of love & laughter at others. Here’s my wish to you both that it is infinitely more of the latter than the former! But, LISA, KEEP THE SUSPENSE COMING. (Your novel ideas seem to serve You well & never bore Me.)