Okay, it is no secret to anyone that I’ve always felt that Killer Nashville deserved a magazine by writers as a voice for writers. It’s the natural progression of who we are and our mission of connecting writers with the people, information, and the support team they need.

It’s finally here.

Beginning in February 2015, Killer Nashville is launching a monthly online magazine.  And it’s free.

Other publishers and editors of magazines I know and love: there is no threat here.  I subscribe to a boatload of magazines – all of yours. We will continue to promote yours as we always have. We’ll continue to buy advertising as we always have. But for the writer in an uncharted landscape, there is never enough information or enough ways to promote them to new readers. Magazines I love, there is no way we can replace you.  That is not the objective. Our goal is to dialogue writer to writer, give additional much-needed and so-much-harder-to-get exposure to writers seeking fresh audiences, and to highlight areas in ways we think we can complement.

How did we pull it off? A new team and a great staff.

We want this to be an international magazine, which is why we decided to publish online. Killer Nashville has been a family supporting writers from the beginning. We never want to lose that. Our goal has always been to help those who come to us. Now we’re putting our resources towards helping those who cannot make the trip, no matter where they are, anywhere in the world.  Why?  Because nothing is stronger than the written word. These writers need to be heard. We want to be the voice that encourages.  From Queens to Oklahoma, from Italy to Somalia, from those here to the 26 million internationally who read about us online, we want to be there for you. Publishing today can come from anywhere; there is no reason the world should not hear your voice.

I’m looking forward to your feedback. We will continue to grow content as we ramp up. And if you, as a writer or publishing/entertainment specialist, want to be a part of that growth, then let us know.  If there is information you need and you can’t find it elsewhere, let us know, as well.  I look forward to all of us growing together and in a direction most beneficial to you.

More is coming.  It’s a great time to be a writer.

Clay Stafford



Clay Stafford







Clay Stafford,
Founder Killer Nashville,
Publisher Killer Nashville Magazine