1. G Robert Frazier
    May 1, 2015 @ 4:44 pm

    Great column, Mr. Needham. I prefer print books to ebooks — have said so a million times — but your series of books and your writing samples are so intriguing I intend to add your books to my Kindle wishlist right now!

  2. Pelham McMahon
    May 4, 2015 @ 9:32 am

    As always a lovely read. Nowadays I am downloading a great deal of my work via CreateSpace, but have all of it in Kindle Direct. Can’t wait for your next book, Jake. Love all of your work.

  3. Ron Shaw (@RonGizmo)
    May 4, 2015 @ 10:23 am

    Excellent article, Jake! You never cease to amaze me. It’s a privilege and honor to call you a friend.
    Your writing is incredible and what a wealth of rich life experiences you bring to your readers!
    Jake, thank you for being there for me and so many others.
    Ron Shaw

  4. Ellis Zsoldos Jr.
    May 4, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

    Great article. Even though I’ve known your story for a while, it’s always a pleasure to read it again. For the benefit of those reading this comment let me add that Jake’s books are very well written, always interesting and fun, and have enough suspense and plot twists thrown in to make it very difficult to put the book down. Read one and you’ll be hooked.

  5. Joe Hefferon
    May 4, 2015 @ 1:34 pm

    Jake is a master raconteur. You’d be foolish not to read his work.

  6. Olivia Powers
    May 4, 2015 @ 2:14 pm

    I second all of the good stuff other commenters have posted. Jake is an excellent writer, a pleasant correspondent, and, no doubt, an International Man of Mystery. I mean that in the best possible way, Jake! He also tolerates my limericks (so far), and is known to engage his readers in all sorts of interesting and imaginative ways. I have several print editions, and all the rest of the e-books, and I am happy to note that I have enjoyed all of them.
    I don’t care for pork, but I Needham!

  7. Tony McManus
    May 4, 2015 @ 4:44 pm

    Nice one, Jake. A well written straight shooting article. Cheers lad.

  8. Robert Voight
    May 4, 2015 @ 7:04 pm

    Hey Jake…
    I’ve read the all…great…
    One exception…”thought !The Dead American” ended a litle on the week side…I was looking for a little more closure.