September / October 2015


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It’s finally here! October, that is. Not only is the weather cooler, but the leaves are turning a patchwork of gold and red against a brilliant blue sky, the perfect backdrop for the 2015 Killer Nashville Writers’ Conference October 29-November 1.

As it is the 10th anniversary of all things Killer Nashville, we have a special edition of Killer Nashville Magazine featuring conference Guests of Honor John Gilstrap, M. William Phelps, and Robert K. Tanenbaum, our superheroes of political thrillers, true crime, and suspense.

Check out our exclusive interview with all three New York Times bestsellers conducted by none other than Killer Nashville founder and magazine publisher Clay Stafford. You won’t want to miss what motivates these writers and what they hope to share with you at the Killer Nashville conference.

We also have some other fabulous pieces you’ll want to sink your teeth into—just in time for Halloween.

First, don’t miss Rick Helms’ incredible article, “The Cradle of Criminality”. A forensic psychologist, Helms shares some fascinating insights into the association between poverty, juvenile delinquency, and crime.

We have a new column from publicist Julie Schoerke. Julie has 30 years of experience in author and publisher public relations and is the founder of JKS Communications, with offices all across the U.S.

Our favorite Texas expat, CJ Daugherty, is back with her take on book publishing in the U.K. You’ll get a good laugh, and you’ll learn a thing or two from her story as well.

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Don’t forget to try our Killer Nashville Original Killer Cocktail. This time Mark “Spaz” Morris delights us with a pear-infused martini, “The Last Ticket”, an homage to the movie, Casablanca. This cocktail is subtle and delicious. It may make you want to see the movie again.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who helps make Killer Nashville Magazine possible. Thanks to our contributing writers such as Beth Terrell-Hicks, Tom Wood, and Eric Deckers, and the Killer Nashville staff Emily Eytchison and Will Chessor, all of whom continue to make this magazine better and better. And last, but not least, many thanks to publisher and editor-in-chief Clay Stafford, whose idea it was to create this magazine, a free resource for writers and readers across the globe, and whose leadership makes it all happen.

Happy Reading!

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An Interview with Killer Nashville Guests of Honor, John Gilstrap, M. William Phelps, and Robert K. Tanenbaum

I’ve had the pleasure and honor over the past several months to have numerous phone and email conversations with this year’s 2015 Killer Nashville Guests of Honor John Gilstrap, M. William Phelps, and Robert K. Tanenbaum. Not only are all three tremendous writers, but they are all three tremendous human beings. In these conversations, we’ve discussed numerous ideas relating to writing and life, philosophy and politics, meaning and themes. We’re going to address those topics in my interviews with them over the course of the upcoming Killer Nashville weekend. But here, we are talking about writing, fans, and writers’ conferences, specifically Killer Nashville. Here with me in this creative nonfiction compilation interview are all three Guests of Honor in their own words.

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