May 2015

May 2015


Dear reader,

This issue of the Killer Nashville Magazine will offer a little something for everyone, and more of the stories you’ve come to expect and enjoy. 

Beginning with our cover story, Clay Stafford’s interview with author Janet Evanovich, who turns out to be a bit of a quipster, is an interesting window into a very busy author’s life. Sharp and witty, she breaks down her daily schedule and shows she is capable of laughing at herself, a sign I say proves that we would get along. 

In D.P. Lyle’s final installment of “The Coroner’s Most Important Determinations”, prepare for a little putrefaction. Oh yeah, he takes the latex gloves off, so to speak, and gets real about decay, purge fluid and insects. Let’s not forget the insects. If you have a queasy stomach, it might be best to read Lyle’s column on an empty stomach.

We also have a newcomer added to the mix. Author Jake Needham, “Live from Thailand”, is contributing to the magazine this month. I met Needham via Twitter, and we struck up an interesting conversation about living abroad and publishing there. In his column, he shares excerpts from his novels to help paint the picture of his Asian home-away-from-home. In his second column, he will discuss publishing abroad.

And, last, but certainly not least, we have the latest Killer Nashville Original Cocktail, a twist on the J.D. Salinger novel, “The Catcher in the Rye”. Mark “Spaz” Morris, our professional drink-slinger, says it will give you pause for reflection about your youth.

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“Reflection” may be the key word for this month’s issue. There’s much to ponder.

Many thanks to our publisher Clay Stafford, who is always up to sharing his talents, and the Killer Nashville team, Will Chessor and Meaghan Hill.

Let us know what you think!


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Janet Evanovich

Character Stephanie Plum (as in Top Secret Twenty-One) has to be one of the characters I hear the most about at Killer Nashville. (And you are one of the authors most requested, by the way.) Why do you think Stephanie has made such a connection with readers?

Stephanie is like Seinfeld …she’s the likeable, approachable character who is the center of the universe.  She’s not perfect but she’s a good person who through tenacity, community, work ethic, and desperation succeeds at the end of the day.  She’s heroic because she’s not stopped dead in her tracks by a broken nail, bad hair, or monsters (real or imaginary) hiding under her bed.

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