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There is something about the summer. The trees burst forth in hues of emerald green and glimmer in the sun. It feels a little like everything slows down, but in truth all is still hopping as usual. This month’s issue is a little like summer, shiny with emerging beauty, and hopping as usual.

To begin, Clay Stafford reached across the Atlantic for our cover story interview with French author, Éric Faye. Clay was fascinated with his most recent work, Nagasaki, a compelling story about relationships, solitude, and modern life, and the translation process itself. Clay interviewed Faye, who earned the Academie Francaise Grand Prix for Nagasaki, as well as Emily Boyce, the translator from Gallic Books about what books are chosen for translation, why, how it works, and how one becomes a translator in the first place. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with his story.

In our column “Under the Microscope”, we introduce a new doctor to the magazine, Dr. Mike Tabor, the chief forensic odontologist for the State of Tennessee Office of the Medical Examiner. For folks unfamiliar with odontology, this is what is called forensic dentistry where evidence is derived from teeth to determine a victim’s identity. Dr. Tabor is a regular at the Killer Nashville Writers’ Conference. He shares with us the painful realities of his line of work.

We also have the fascinating history of Prometheus Books, an independent publishing house established by Paul Kurtz in 1969. A professor of philosophy, he turned a small press into a well-known and well-respected literary depot that has withstood the test of time, and earned respect throughout the literary world.

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Also, this month’s Killer Nashville Original Cocktail is a special one. We thought we would pay homage to Harper Lee, author of the classic, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, To Kill A Mockingbird. As you know, the sequel Go Tell a Watchman is about to explode onto the literary scene.

Swirling strawberry flavors and tequila, our favorite drink-slinger, Mark “Spaz” Morris, has concocted the “T’Killer Mockingbird.” The ingredients will make you take pause, but mixed together the literary-themed cocktail makes complete sense. Try this one. You will thank me.

Our magazine is truly a labor of love. And, not to get misty-eyed, it would not be possible without contributing writers like Beth Terrell-Hicks, Tom Wood, and Jake Needham; our publisher and editorial director Clay Stafford, who continues to stun and amaze with his midnight writing; and the Killer Nashville team of Will Chessor and new team member Clay Janeway.


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Clay Stafford Interviews Grand Prix Winner Éric Faye, Author of Nagasaki

Clay – “The basis for your runaway hit Nagasaki was first reported in several newspapers in Japan in 2008. Being in France, how did you hear about it?”

Éric – “I’m a journalist for a press agency (Reuters) and as such I read dozens and dozens of reports from all over the world every day. One afternoon, a story on the newswire caught my eye. A short report sent by the Tokyo bureau, it described a curious incident that had taken place in Fukuoka, in southern Japan. I printed it off and kept it: there was no doubt in my mind I was going to write something based on the story. The only details included in the news item were that a woman had been caught by police inside a man’s home, where unbeknownst to the owner, she had been living for a year.”

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How A Love of Language Led Emily Boyce to Translate Nagasaki

Clay – “Your work flows beautifully. What has been your biggest challenge as a translator?”

Emily – “Every book throws up different challenges – sometimes there are a lot of cultural references I might not be familiar with, so that involves a fair amount of research and then deciding how much to explain to the reader. Antoine Laurain’s The President’s Hat had tons of references to 1980s TV programs and personalities, some of which needed light-touch explanations, some could be glossed. It depends a lot on the context. Many of the books I’ve worked on were outside my comfort zone as a reader – I’m not a big crime reader, but some of the translations I’ve enjoyed working on…

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RemeberMeThisWay BODRemember Me This Way by Sabine Durrant

FriendshipOfCriminal BODThe Friendship of Criminals by Robert Glinski

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GunStreetGirl BODGun Street Girl by Adrian McKinty

Method15 33 BODMethod 15/33 by Shannon Kirk

MySunshineAway BODMy Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh

Nagasaki BODNagasaki by Éric Faye, Translated by Emily Boyce

ImmuneSystem BODThe Immune System by Nathan Larson

CatOutOFHell BODCat Out of Hell by Lynne Truss

Camille BODCamille by Pierre Lemaitre

FalseTongues BODFalse Tongues by Kate Charles

ShadowRitual BODShadow Ritual by Éric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne

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Foxglove Summer, Ben AaronovitchFoxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch

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The Burning Gates, Parker BilalThe Burning Gates by Parker Bilal

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The King in Yellow “The Repairer of Reputations” by Richard W. Chambers

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